Spiritually Situated

Orange Juice Optional

Suzanne Hueners, Michelle Milne

Why dilute what is best in life!

Orange Juice Optional is a podcast that celebrates both the crazy and serious sides of everyday life. Through the eyes and comfort of a 15-year friendship and with over 100 years of stories and experiences between them, co-hosts Suzanne and Michelle tackle the ups and downs of their unpredictable empty nest lives. Their stories are relatable, funny, and the best part is that they are true! While they thought life would get easier after the kids were grown, they've since adopted the motto that 'we couldn't make this up if we tried.'

Now, pop that cork, pour that glass of champagne, and celebrate along with us. Also, remember that no matter the time of day, Orange Juice is optional. This is a judgment-free zone, because why would you dilute what is best in life.

(We release an audio episode every Tuesday. It can be found on all podcast platforms.)

Whether you want to share your story, provide feedback, or simply connect, I'm here to listen and engage with you.

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