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I believe in the timing of the universe. I believe that the universe keeps us on our path, and keeps us moving in the right direction. While the universe sometimes speaks to us in a soft and subtle whisper, there are other times when the energy of the universe is in our face, bold, and can not be missed. In either scenario, the question remains the same, are we listening?

The Generosity of the Universe

Please know that the universe is generous and shares signs and synchronicities with us all the time. When you see, hear, sense, know, or feel one, that message will resonate with you on a soul level. At that moment, you will know the true magic of the universe. However, to discover these signs, remember to remain open to possibilities!!

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Spiritually Situated

Personal Encounters with Signs and Synchronicities

Over the years, the universe has shared many signs and synchronicities with me. These signs have inspired me, reminded me, confirmed me, and opened me up to possibilities that I had never considered before.

In hopes of inspiring you, I'm dedicating this page to some of the "signs and synchronicities" I've experienced over the years and some "signs and synchronicities" that I continue to experience to this day. Enjoy!!

Signs & Synchronicities

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The other day, I had to go to the grocery store. It's not my favorite errand, but one that I couldn't put off any longer (I'm sure many of you can relate). As I was moving away from the freezer goods, at the end of the aisle, in the "look at me" display case, I noticed a Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Fudge Cake. Now, this is an item that I don't see very often, but it is an item that always reminds me of my grandma. It reminds me of her because, when I was a child, whenever I came for a visit, she'd pull one out of the freezer. It was our special thing! So, when I saw that cake, I immediately knew that, at that moment, she was with me. I felt it in my soul.
As I continued to wander through the store, a little less anxious now, another sign from my grandma appeared (just in case there was any doubt). After leaving the freezer section of the store, I wandered over to the store's bakery (a section of the store that I usually try to avoid). My attention was immediately drawn to a display of wine boxes called "Viola Rosa." My grandma's middle name was "Viola," and her mom's name (my great-grandma) was Rosa. I again felt her presence in my heart and soul. I love that my grandma chose this random moment in a grocery store on a Wednesday morning to make her presence known to me. She did it first through nostalgia and then through name recognition (and I'm sure she also knows that adult me loves the combination of chocolate and wine). Even though 41 years have passed, I still miss my grandma every day!! I feel beyond blessed to have received these signs from her. These signs confirmed our bond in this life, and these signs acknowledged that she continues to watch over me.
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Spiritually Situated